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Structured data leads to higher visibility of the website

By using JSON-LD, Rich Snippets and Knowledge Graph entries can be generated in the search results. Rich snippets are extended information that is displayed in the search results alongside the normal page title and meta description. They can contain additional data such as ratings, prices, event data or product information. These rich snippets make the search results more attractive and eye-catching, which can lead to a higher click-through rate. The Knowledge Graph is a Google knowledge base that contains information about people, places, businesses and other entities. If a website is linked to the Knowledge Graph, this can lead to improved visibility and understanding of the content by search engines.


Kick YOOtheme Pro JSON-LD Plugin - the Features

Structured data

JSON-LD enables the structured presentation of data in JSON format. This allows information to be presented in a clear and easily readable form. The structure of JSON-LD is based on an object-oriented approach and allows the use of key-value pairs, arrays and nested objects. This makes it easier to organise and understand the data.

With the JSON-LD plugin for YOOtheme Pro, this is now even easier.

Semantic markup

JSON-LD is specifically designed for semantic tagging of data. It is based on the Linked Data principle, where information is linked together to create context and meaning. By using JSON-LD, data can be linked to external knowledge graphs and ontologies. This enables improved machine readability, better search and interoperability with other systems and platforms.

Improved accessibility

JSON-LD can help improve the accessibility of a website. By semantically tagging content, screen readers and other assistive technologies can better interpret the content and provide greater accessibility to users with disabilities. Information such as headings, lists, tables and other structured data can be precisely tagged through JSON-LD to make content easier to navigate and understand.

Simple data integration

YOOtheme 4 with "Dynamic Content" in combination with the Kick YOOtheme Pro JSON-LD plugin facilitates the integration of data from different sources. As JSON-LD is based on Linked Data, information from different sources can be linked together to create a broader context. This allows websites to use and integrate information from other websites, APIs or databases. By linking data from different sources, websites can present complex and rich information that is valuable to users.
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